2017 VDTA Convention

VDTA Conventions



Why Should You Attend A VDTA Convention?

When someone says they cannot afford to attend a convention we wonder if they truly know what conventions are all about. Surveys have shown that the most successful dealers attend conventions. Why? Because at conventions they are able to network with other successful dealers. They are offered the chance to attend classes on marketing, advertising, customer service, machine repair, just to mention a few, all taught by experienced professionals in the industry. These professionals are willing to share their successful ideas with others, which in turn makes the industry stronger as more dealers find success. They keep informed about the industry and every product available. Attendees also have the opportunity to take advantage of show specials offered by exhibitors.

Where else can you meet all the top executives of the various companies which enables you to discuss with them your delights or concerns about their products on display?

At VDTA/SDTA conventions, dealers have the opportunity to see all the new products on the market that can enhance their profit lines. Many vendors use the convention to introduce new products.

You do not have to be a member of VDTA/SDTA to attend this important event.

The Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame is displayed each year at the Las Vegas Show.
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