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September 2016

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cover Sept 2016When first glancing at our cover of SQE magazine this month, you may have mistaken it for Better Homes and Gardens. But there's a reason we chose to feature a garden on the cover of a sewing magazine. In the past few months, many of our writers have talked about "growing" your business. Both Jim Barnhardt and Hether Miles-Fiess use the metaphor of "planting seeds" to earn the loyalty of repeat customers or generate add-on sales. In our featured stories about Pati Palmer's tissue-fitting workshops, Bernina's top dealers, and Brewer's tips for attracting Millennials, all refer to business or industry "growth." And the list goes on and on.

This reoccurring language made us think, what is so special about the word "grow?" We could talk about

"expanding," "building," or "advancing" your business or industry, and it would mean the same thing, right? Perhaps.

If you "expand" your business, you carry more product or acquire some new real estate. If you "build" your business, you make use of available resources. If you "advance" your business, you keep up with the latest technologies. All of these actions are GREAT and lead to success, but "growth" does too.

When you "grow" something, a certain amount of care is required. With growth, you acknowledge that something other than yourself depends on you. If you "grow" your business, you care for it and know it as something that provides your employees' livelihood, your customers' passion, and your industry's lifeblood.

How and what will you grow, this month & in the future?