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sunflowersFloor Care & Central Vac Professional
September 2016

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Industry News
SBA Awards Grants to 21 Universities & Organizations to Support Small Business Innovation
Atrix Intl Names Shane Vail General Manager
Fifty Scents™ Announces New Social Media Strategist

Product Showcase
Filling the Need for Fast, Durable Concrete Control Joints
Beckatt Solutions, Preorders for Full-Color Desktop 3D Printer
e-cloth® has a Strong Attraction to Dust & Allergens
Spot Stuff Stain Remover Launched on Indiegogo

Learning a Little About Our Distributors - Part 5, A.E. Carter
Senior Road Trip to The Vacuum Cleaner Museum
The Power of Facebook Audiences, Brownfield
A Peek At Halloween, Hall-Dahl
Recognizing Our Associate Members

How to Increase the Value of Your Company by 25%, Tschohl
Shark Attack, Barnhardt
Overcome Uncertainty, Valas
Your Sneeze Policy, Okel
7 Words that Can Hold You Back, Russ
It Is Not about the Product, It is How the Customer Feels, Wold
The Proposal and the Sale are Miles Apart, Gitomer
Letter from the Editor, Tienter

Every Issue
Letter from the President
Calendar Corner
Thank You Members
Hashtag for Health: #Allergic Reactions

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Look for these connections between articles within the current month's issue and with past issues, too. You may find yourself thinking about a topic in a new way!

"It is Not about the Product, It is How the Customer Feels" and Letter from the President & Letter from the Editor
• Barbara Wold's article describes 6 ways that you can make customers feel appreciated and earn their business. Her insights relate directly to Judy's and Tonya's customer experiences this month. When a computer repair shop "resolved the issue immediately" for Judy, they earned her loyal business. On the other hand, Tonya's property management company kept putting off issues that needed resolving and left her frustrated.

"The Power of Facebook Audiences" and "What Really Happens When You Boost a Facebook Post?"
• Chad Brownfield and Ted Janusz both address the channel of Facebook advertising and Facebook's clout with today's consumer. Janusz's article last month revealed some weak points of using the system, though Brownfield explains how those weak points can be overcome. In fact, he outlines an easy and successful path to social media marketing and "boosting" on Facebook.

"Overcome Uncertainty" and Part 5 of Vac Distributor feature ― A.E. Carter:
• This month, Elly Valas discusses the need for certainty in uncertain current event climates. She encourages businesses to provide their customers with a sense of confidence and certainty through service and quality. A.E. Carter understands this need for certainty and has grown their company through policies like guaranteeing correct delivery orders and guaranteeing extended business hours.

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