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SUNHEAT International Introduces Revolutionary Product

SUNHEAT International has remained consistent in their deliverance of quality products; however, they are revolutionizing the industry with one of the newest members of their family of products. While SUNHEAT is most widely known for their made in USA infrared heaters, they desired to seek out the creation of a product that could be successful year round, thus, bringing the birth of the new CoolZone CZ500 by SUNHEAT Ultrasonic Dry Misting Fan.

The CoolZone CZ500 by SUNHEAT Ultrasonic Dry Misting Fan is taking SUNHEAT to the next level by flying out of independent dealer show floors all across the country. Featuring built-in speakers, Bluetooth technology compatibility, and mosquito repellent, this fan goes above and beyond the typical expectations of a misting fan. However, the features do not stop there. CoolZone's misting function uses ultrasonic high frequency oscillation principles to atomize the water into 1-5 micron ultra-fine particles. Then, the water is diffused into the air leaving nothing but a hydrated surrounding without the feeling of wetness. If you are located in a much hotter geographical area, you can simply freeze the polar packs, which are included with the fan, and add them to the water tank. The anion function allows you to sterilize your air by utilizing a pulse and high oscillation circuit to produce corona and oxygen molecules. Electronic thermal sensors detect the temperature in indoor settings, making indoor-use convenient and straightforward, while the mosquito repellent is ideal for outdoor settings to keep those annoying and disease ridden pests away while enjoying time outside. There are wheels on the bottom of the CoolZone to make transportation easier, and a remote control makes controlling settings more convenient. To top it all off, by connecting your devices to this fan using the USB port or Bluetooth technology, you can enjoy your music through the high-quality built-in speakers.

CoolZone by SUNHEAT is bringing large amounts of success to dealers from all across the country. It is this success that is sparking the quickly spreading interest of this product from many more dealers every single day.

Sandy Hall, from Jasper Sew and Vac, in Jasper, IN, said, "If you haven't tried the COOLZONE misting fan from SUNHEAT, you really should. It's a great item to have in hot weather, just like the infrared heaters are in cold weather. We have one located just inside the door to our store, running and playing music. When customers enter, they ask, 'What's this?' which leads right into a demo. We also have it advertised on our digital billboard. Of course, we had to test this CoolZone misting fan ourselves. Love the fact that we can enjoy time on our patio even in 93 degree heat. The mist is so fine; you don't feel like you're being hosed down, like some other misting fans we have tried. Good profit margin for our store, too. We have already sold five this week and it's only Wednesday!"

Max Sanders, from Platte Valley Vac and Sew, in North Platte, NE, stated, "I was super impressed with all of the practical functions of this Mist Fan, I placed my order as soon as the demo I watched was over; Great product!"

SUNHEAT guarantees success with this product by providing easy-to-follow instructions for how to best sell it, including fun "call outs" to tape to the unit itself, a repeating DVD, radio scripts and pre-made professional TV commercials. This product can essentially sell itself, by using a professionally recorded external audio stick that can be plugged into the USB port in the back of the fan. This feature helps sell the fan as it verbally explains all the features, their benefits, and how to best use them without you having to say anything at all! Hot summer weather brings a high demand for a product with high-quality and dependability, and CoolZone by SUNHEAT International is the answer to that demand!

CoolZone CZ500 by SUNHEAT Ultrasonic Dry Misting Fan is an opportunity you do not want to miss out on. Intrigue and success is increasing every day, and with high demand and solid profit margins, you are guaranteed to sell big with this legendary product!

Dealer benefits only available from SUNHEAT: Customer leads sent to local dealer, pre-made ads (radio, print, T.V.) available at no charge, industry's only advertising co-op program, trained personnel answer the phone, parts are supplied in advance in the unlikely event a repair is needed, dealer only website and more!

Additionally, SUNHEAT does not compete with local dealers, maintains a strict Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) and does not sell to big box brick and mortar stores.

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For more information, visit www.sunheat.com, e-mail DealerServices@sunheat.com, or call 877-GO-SUNHEAT.

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, September 2015