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BEAM Dealers Gather to Map Growth Strategies

Top BEAM dealers from New York to California converged on the North American headquarters of Electrolux to map new sales, communications and product strategies for the U.S. market for the next 12 months. The two-day meeting, July 8-9 served as the initial gathering of the newly created BEAM Dealer Council.

"Our dealers are the people who communicate directly with the end-user customer. Bringing dealers together provides us with invaluable information and insight for developing products, marketing strategies and sales support to help them expand central vacuum system penetration in the U.S.," said Harry Kandilas, general manager global central vacuum for Electrolux Home Care Products.

The meeting included the introduction of the company's global central vacuum business leadership, including Kandilas, Tracy Richters, senior vice president and managing director for Electrolux Small Appliances North America, and Edwin Cadena, director of U.S. sales.

Dealers Get New Product Updates

One area that proved a hit with the dealers attending the meeting was product development. ECVS informed the dealers they now will be able to sell a Hide-A-Hose system with a new valve assembly that is one-third the size of the previous system. And ECVS confirmed plans to introduce a new electric power brush in the fall of 2015.

The company also announced it will engage the Dealer Council early and often in the product research and development process to assure new products will serve their customers' needs and build profits for dealers.

"I was very enthused about the new emphasis on R&D and the dealer feedback as part of it," said Stuart Krawll, president of BEAM of St. Louis.

Marketing and Sales Support a Shared Priority

While the overall market potential for the central vacuum industry is rebounding from the housing slump, Krawll noted that millennials are beginning to become homeowners. He encouraged Electrolux and his dealer colleagues to place a high priority on educating this new generation of homeowners about the indoor air quality and convenience benefits of BEAM products.

The company outlined its marketing plans for the balance of the year and informed the council that it will be bolstering its sales force with experienced sales professionals focused on the central vacuum business.

"They definitely showed they are committed to us. They were very receptive and listened closely to what we had to say," added Richard Goodman, president of BEAM of Knoxville.

The BEAM Dealer Council is scheduled to meet again in early fall and at frequent intervals thereafter.

"This was a very engaged group that brought a lot of important feedback and great ideas to the table. Our BEAM dealer network is a tremendous asset and will play an increasingly important role in growing our business and their business as well," Kandilas added.

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, September 2015