2017 VDTA Convention


Letter From the President

October is here. Where did the summer go? The leaves are turning yellow in our part of the country and starting to fall. Soon we will need to rake them up so the yard is nice and clean.

We recently purchased some new (used) equipment to update our print shop. For those who don't know, we produce and print the magazines you receive every month: FloorCare-Central Vac Professional and SQE Professional. We also produce and print our Show Guides and other marketing materials we use throughout the year. This new equipment will save us time and update the look of everything we do, so we are really excited about it. The update in equipment made us clean house, so to speak. I was surprised to see how much you can accumulate over time.

Thinking of updating, is it time for you to do some fall cleaning? Are you accumulating "stuff" that should be closed out or just thrown away? Take a look around. Now is a great time for those "Sales," getting ready for the Holidays.

We also just got back from the VDTA•SDTA Niagara Summer Trade Show in Niagara Falls, Canada. It was a blast! The dealers who attended had time to speak to their distributors, take advantage of great deals, and see the beautiful Niagara Falls.

Here is something to think about: 
People want not just products and service; they also want to know that you can solve their problems and answer their questions.

Have a great October!

Judy Patterson

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional & SQE Professional, October 2017