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Michael Guld

Successful entrepreneur to present keynote during
VDTA/SDTA Convention March 12, 2009

Keynote: “When the Going Gets Tough”
Starts at 8:30 a.m. at Las Vegas Convention Center

At the 2009 VDTA/SDTA Convention in Las Vegas on March 12, Mr. Michael Guld will present the keynote presentation: “When the Going Gets Tough.”

“It’s not easy being in business today,” Guld said. “With increasing competition, decreasing margins and depressing daily economic headlines, it can leave some immobilized and leave others dazed and confused, scrambling for short term answers.”

So what do you do when “the going gets tough?”

Mr. Guld says the only answer is “the tough get going!” He shared, “We still have businesses to run, employees to support, families to feed and most importantly, new customers in need of outstanding products and services that we deliver!”

During his keynote, Mr. Guld will share insight on how to take charge and regain control of your destiny by showing you how to:

  • Ignite (or re-ignite) your passion for the business.
  • Redefine and live your value proposition.
  • Recommit to your personal and professional goals.
  • Successfully compete in a crowded marketplace.
  • Maximize the three legged stool for new business development success (sales, marketing, and PR.)

During the VDTA/SDTA Convention, Mr. Guld will present a seminar in addition to his keynote. The seminar, “Build Your Profits Through People, Promotion, and Passion” will be held March 13.

Sharing the focus of this seminar, Mr. Guld said that too often in today’s competitive business environment, the focus of attention is on “profit.”

He said, “But as the saying goes ... if you spend all of your time watching the scoreboard, the ball is going to hit you in the face! Like the winning score in a ballgame, ‘profit’ is the end result of playing a great game! By focusing your energy on just three areas, you will win over your employees, win over new customers ... and profits are sure to follow.”

Mark your calendars today -- so you are sure to be in the audience when Mr. Guld shares his presentations at the 2009 VDTA/SDTA Trade Show & Convention in Las Vegas, NV!

Michael Guld is an entrepreneur, radio commentator, and a nationally recognized author and speaker. As president of The Guld Resource Group, he speaks and consults about how to increase sales performance, marketing exposure, employee productivity and create a world-class service experience.

Throughout his career, Mr. Guld has helped hundreds of companies grow their businesses and has become a valuable resource in advising his clients on all aspects of their strategic initiatives. As a business development specialist his interviews and articles have appeared in over 100 business and trade publications in the last year. He is also the author of a nationally acclaimed broadcast sales and marketing book called The Million Dollar Media Rep.

Mr. Guld received his BBA and MBA from the University of Georgia. Currently he serves on the Board of Directors for the Better Business Bureau and the Retail Merchants Association in Richmond, VA.

Reprinted from SQE Professional, November 2008