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Floor Care & Central Vac Professional
June 2016

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Industry News
Vacuum Cleaner Advisor Reveals Best Canister Vacs for 2016
Young People Take Action on U.N. Day
National Small Business Week Webinars
Easy Guide To Patent Your Invention Now Available for Free
Bissell® Wins EPA 2016 Award

Learning a Little about Our Distributors - Part 2: STEEL CITY

What Should My Store Look Like? - Part 3, Dorman
Aaron's Breaks GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ for Largest Human Mattress Dominoes
VDTA Dealer of the Month
Utah Dealer Uses Data to Dominate Market
Does a 7-Hour Road Trip "Suck?", Montgomery
Answer to "Frustrated Wife"
It's Somewhere Helps Find Lost Devices
A Peek at July, Hall-Dahl

Be Real or Be Gone, Valas
The Price is..., Gitomer
How to Switch Off an Irate Customer, Tschohl
Collecting Dust, Gasko
People are Not Balloons, Okel
Servant Leadership: A Model for Us All, Barnhardt
Letter from the Editor, Tienter

Product Showcase
TADgreen Inc. Introduces Pet Bowl Scrubber
Dynamic Pet Set Tool Kit by H-P Products
NEW Socket Saver™

Every Issue
Letter from the President
Hashtag for Health: #Suncare
Calendar Corner

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Look for these connections between articles within the current month's issue and with past issues, too. You may find yourself thinking about a topic in a new way!

• Jim Barnhardt's "Let the Spotlight Shine on Them" (April) & "Servant Leadership: A Model for Us All": In both articles, Jim describes a type of leadership philosophy that is focused on serving others and how that will benefit your business in multiple ways.

• "Does a 7-Hour Road Trip Suck?" & Collecting Dust column: These articles in June's issue revolve around the Vacuum Cleaner Musuem and Factory Outlet in St. James, MO. Tom Gasko tells another great tale of vacuum cleaner history, and Nancy Montgomery then shows us how his tales inspire young people for the future.

Letter from the President & " How to Switch Off an Irate Customer": Judy and John Tschohl nearly read each other's minds and address the best ways to diffuse upset customers.

• "Say Yes to Success!" (April): & "Be Real or Be Gone": Jon Mertz and regular contributor Elly Valas both breach the subject of Millennials and trust. Mertz states that "aligning wisdom through trust" will be an important leadership quality for Millennials and Valas explains that the Millennial customer trusts authenticity.

• "Easy Guide To Patent Your Invention Available for Free" & "New Socket Saver™": These articles discuss the how-to's of invention. The e-book release of Easy Guide… promises to give entrepreneurs tips and tricks on patenting, and "New Socket Saver™" shows the successful results of the process.