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Floor Care & Central Vac Professional
July 2016

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Industry News
Incorporating Personal Insurance
Small Community Newspapers Use Wise Business Plans
New Book Tackles Employee Engagement
EIT Releases Report on Finding Mold in Your Home
Demystifying Talent Management Wins 2016 Book Award
Are You ADA Compliant?

Product Showcase
Plastiflex Launches ValueFlex Hose Solution
The Original Tool Retriever by Ladder lab
e-cloth® Improves Best-Seller Scrubbers

Vac Shack Inc. Celebrates 40 Years
Central Vac Dealer Profits by Hitting the Road
Learning a Little About Our Distributors - Part 3, Essco
No More No's, Calderone
Outstanding Vac and Sew Dealer
Does Your Company Need a Service Overhaul?, Michelli
What Should My Store Look Like? - Part 4, Dorman
A Peek At, Hall-Dahl
Recognizing Our Associate Members
Congratulations To Spring Cleaning Month Winner!

Let's Get Better at What We Do, Barnhardt
The Relationship Edge, Gitomer
My Most Asked Question about Email Productivity, Okel
Are You Under-Capitalized?, Valas
Why Customer Satisfaction Surveys Backfire, Tschohl
Collecting Dust, Gasko
Are Your Prospective Clients Hearing You?, Munro
Letter from the Editor, Tienter

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Letter from the President
Hashtag for Health: #Healthy Travels
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denotes article or column available to members only.

Look for these connections between articles within the current month's issue and with past issues, too. You may find yourself thinking about a topic in a new way!

"Are You Under-Capitalized?" and "Vac Shack Inc. Celebrates 40 Years"
• In her article "Are You Under-Capitalized?", Elly Valas explains that intellectual capital, or the resources a business commits to education, is key to success. Reading about Vac Shack's milestone, we learn that owners Dave and Karen Schultz share Valas's thinking, as they value Convention seminars that focus on continuing education.

"Are You in Need of a Service Overhaul?" and "Are Your Prospective Clients Hearing You?"
• Both Joseph Michelli and Victoria Munro touch on the importance of converting prospective customers. Michelli warns that not being able to convert prospectives is a sign for service improvement, while Munro offers a solution to this potential issue.

"People Are Not Balloons" and "Why Customer Satisfaction Surveys Backfire"
• Back in June, Ken Okel offered the insight that people, more specifically employees, will burst like a balloon if you overload them with tasks. His insight applies to customers too, as John Tschohl maintains that customers will burst with frustration if they are overwhelmed for feedback.