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SQE Professional
August 2016

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Product Showcase
Baby Lock Introduces The Coronet
Shannon Fabrics Introduces Johanna Jo™ Swaddle Sets
Introducing the eXcellence 780 by Elna
My Design Album® by Floriani Embroidery
ShearSharp® by Accusharp
Teal is Back with Grabbit Sewing Tools
NEW Socket Saver ™

Fill That Hole In Your Heart, Barnhardt
How Do You Create a Service Culture, Tschohl
Grow Your Sales Garden, Plant The Seeds, Miles-Fiess
Leadership Tip: Don't Open the Oven, Okel
What Would Ben Think of the Ben Franklin Close?, Gitomer
Insight From The Work Bench, Himebaugh
Are You Under-Capitalized?, Valas
Letter from the Editor, Tienter

SDTA Dealer of the Month: Friendly Stitches Sew & Vac
Voyage through the Blogosphere: Build Your Business
Sewing, Meet Wearable Technology
Brother is...Innovation
Brother International: Destination Prague
Recognizing Our Associate Members

Industry News
AccuQuilt Quilt Block Unveiling Event with Eleanor Burns
TurtleWise Builds Network for Better Decision Making
GrantNews.press Looks for Content from Small Businesses
Endangered Apparel Clothing Brand Helps Save Animals

Every Issue
Letter from the President
Thank You Members
Hashtag for Health: #Computer Checkups
Calendar Corner

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denotes article or column available to members only.

Look for these connections between articles within the current month's issue and with past issues, too. You may find yourself thinking about a topic in a new way!

"Brother is…Innovation" and " Sewing, Meet Wearable Technology"
Companies like Brother International Corporation and China Feiyue prove that our industry is inundated in advancements. Brother International's newest embroidery machine features the industry-first InnovEye® 2 Technology for scanning. Additionally, China Feiyue partnered with a "Wearable Technology" class where kids learned how to program electronics and sew them on garments. Between these two companies, we see people using technology to sew, well, technology!

" Are You Under-Capitalized" and "Voyage Through the Blogosphere"
Elly Valas's latest article "Are You Under-Capitalized?" helps define the word "capital" as it relates to business assets. She proposes that you have intellectual capital in the resources you commit to training and education, and social capital in the network you build with customers. The VDTA has also included a feature story this month about building your business with blogs. Blogs are a way to reach more customers in a unique way and ultimately build your social capital.

" How Do I Create a Service Culture" and August Dealer of the Month
In this month's article, John Tschohl maintains that the single-most important aspect of maintaining a successful business is customer service. Owners Ellyn Nicodem and Jon Hoekema of Friendly Stitches, VDTA•SDTA's August Dealer of the Month, operate with this same principle successfully.