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prettyFloor Care & Central Vac Professional
August 2016

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Industry News
TurtleWise Builds Network for Better Decision Making
Brock Built-In Shapes Central Vac Industry, 46 Years
Financial Talkies: A Platform For Better Investments
GrantNews.press Looks for Content from Small Businesses

Product Showcase
New Summer Products from e-Cloth®
Dumpster Cleaning, Spray and Walk Away

Every Issue
Letter from the President
Hashtag for Health: #Computer Checkups
Thank You Members
Calendar Corner

What Should My Store Look Like? - Part 5, Dorman
VDTA Dealer of the Month: Friendly Stitches Sew & Vac
The Vac Wish List
Voyage through the Blogosphere: Build Your Business
Vaculine CanSweep
Learning a Little About Our Distributors - Part 4, Timeline Recap
Recognizing Our Associate Members

Leadership Tip: Don't Open the Oven, Okel
How Do You Create a Service Culture?, Tschohl
10 Tips for a Stress Free Summer, Munro
What Really Happens When You Boost a Facebook Post, Janusz
The Early Signals that the Prospect is Ready to Buy, Gitomer
Collecting Dust, Gasko
Fill That Hole in Your Heart, Barnhardt
Letter from the Editor, Tienter

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denotes article or column available to members only.

Look for these connections between articles within the current month's issue and with past issues, too. You may find yourself thinking about a topic in a new way!

" Leadership Tip: Don't Open the Oven" and " Let's Get Better at What We Do" (July)
• Ken Okel's latest article addresses the problem of workplace micromanagement and helps readers rationalize the bestowing of trust. Jim Barnhardt makes a great case for awarding employees trust in his July article, "Let's Get Better at What We Do." Jim states, "Empower them [employees] to know what to do when there's a customer or product issue." He suggests that leaders can avoid micromanaging by modelling ideal workplace performance through the Servant Leadership Model.

" How Do You Create a Service Culture" and August Dealer of the Month
• In this month's article, John Tschohl maintains that the single-most important aspect of maintaining a successful business is customer service. Owners Ellyn Nicodem and Jon Hoekema of Friendly Stitches, VDTA•SDTA's August Dealer of the Month, operate with this same principle. Nicodem says the business has been successful because everyone at the store treats customers the way they'd like to be treated.

" The Vac Wish List" and Customer Experience column
• In past issues, we brought you the Customer Experience column where patrons would write in to share their vacuum shopping stories. This month, we precede the customer's buying review and instead share with you what 10 different customers of all ages are looking for in a vacuum RIGHT NOW!