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Floor Care Professional
August 2010

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Why Aren’t Customers Buying Right Now?
Registration form for 2011 VDTA SDTA Workshop by Ron Sheetz
Study Proves Generic Vacuum Bags & Filters are Ineffective at Trapping Lung Damaging Particulates
New Ultra-Light UV Sweeper by PurATron Sweeps Competition Under the Rug
RoboMop Is Ready to Patrol the Low Places for Dust & Grit
2011 VDTA/SDTA Trade Show & Convention Registration Form

Small Business Advertising Tips to Double Your Ad Returns by Claude Whitacre, The Sweeper Store
Hoover -- “It Beats... As It Sweeps... As It Cleans” by Tom Gasko, Curator of the Vacuum Cleaner Museum at Tacony Manufacturing
Do You Need Help? by Howard J. Anderson, Long View Retail Consulting