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Kaye Wood
Kaye Wood Inc.
1936 -

Kaye Wood photoKaye Wood Inc, in business since 1977, has many facets. It is a mail order business, which ships products to every continent. It is a publishing company, publishing Kaye's 25 quilting books and 45 quilting patterns. It is a video production company, which produces Kaye's videos and videos for the quilting industry, which are shown on www.kayewoodTV.com. It is a TV production company, which has produced 40 seasons (520 programs) of Kaye's Quilting Friends for PBS-TV. It is a quilting tool design company which has had 12 original tools manufactured.

Kaye Wood describes herself as a "quilt engineer". Her main quilting interest is to simplify the quiltmaking process, which results in easier and more accurate techniques so her students can have an easier time making quilts.

She breaks a lot of the "rules" with her original piecing tips which are specifically developed for the sewing machine.

For instance, she never marks seamlines; she never leaves seams open ¼" at one end or the other; she never uses templates. Because of these "nevers", she has eliminated the show-downs in quiltmaking. For instance, her hexagon cutting technique uses no templates and they can be made any size desired. Her hexagon sewing techniques eliminate the need to mark seam lines, and results in perfect inside points.

Kaye's travels have led to teaching internationally in Holland, Germany and Canada. Teacher Certification classes in Quilting the Kaye Wood Way are offered at various locations. These teachers are free-lance and teach for quilt shops and guilds. To date, over 150 teachers have been certified.

Quilting the Kaye Wood Way includes the use of her line of quilting tools, the Starmaker® Master Templates and the View & Do™ Shapes. The Starmakers® accurately cut diamonds, triangles, and many other shapes in any size.

Quilters interested in fussy-cutting will enjoy using her View & Do™ Shapes for hearts, diamonds, circles, octagons and hexagons.

Quilting cruises are one of Kaye's passions. She has taken quilters on 19 cruises; check her website kayewood.com for the next scheduled cruise.

She is well known for her charity quilt project, The LoveQuilt™ Connection, which is presented at consumer shows around the country. Quilts made during these shows are donated to local charities. A National Coordinator, Mary Kaeser from the Cincinnati area, is busy setting up LoveQuilt™ chapters in every state to make these 6 Hour Quilts as their donation quilts.

Kaye also has been compared to a "stand-up comedienne", with her stories of strange and funny things that keep happening to her. If you get a chance, come to her talk on the "It's Funny to be Famous."

Kaye and her deceased husband, Bill, have lived in West Branch since 1958. They have 5 children and 13 grandchildren scattered around in Alaska, Colorado, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Michigan. She is an active member of St. Joseph Church. None of her children have taken up quilting, but her daughter, Terrye, maintains the kayewood.com website for her business and one of her granddaughters, Kayla Ruzicka, is the marketing director.

Kaye graduated from Michigan State University with a business education degree.

2012 Sewing Industry Hall of Fame inductee.