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John Wilson Wheeler
Cofounder, New Home
1832 - D.O.D. unknown

John Wilson Wheeler was born in Massachusetts on November 20, 1832. In 1867 he became associated with others in the manufacture of sewing machines under the firm name of A. F. Johnson & Co. Two years later a corporation was organized, known as the Gold Medal Sewing Machine Company. In 1882 the corporate name was changed to the New Home Sewing Machine Company, a concern which has grown from its small beginnings until it now employs nearly 600 people, and turns out nearly 400 machines a day.

From the start Mr. Wheeler was the financial manager and one of the controlling spirits of this enterprise. In January 1881, he was elected a trustee of the Orange Savings Bank, and five years later was made president. He became one of the directors of the Orange National Bank in June 1880 and in January 1888 was made vice-president. In January 1889 he was elected one of the directors of the Gossard Investment Company at Kansas City, MO, a corporation of $500,000, capital and in August 1892 he was elected director in the United Coal Company at Denver, CO, a corporation of $1,000,000 capital. In December 1890 he was elected president of the Worcester Northwest Agricultural and Mechanical Society, and in 1891 was elected president of the Boston Mutual Life Association of Boston. In 1876 he was elected a member of the legislature, and in 1888 he was one of the Massachusetts delegates to the National Republican Convention at Chicago which nominated President Harrison.

1994 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee