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A. J. Weinstein
Founder, A. J. Weinstein Company
1901 - 1975

A. J. Weinstein was one of the early pioneers in the replacement market for vacuum cleaner parts and accessories. He originally opened in 1945 in two small storerooms in Carnegie, PA. In those beginning days there were only cloth bags in the marketplace. After having successfully marketing a complete line of branded cloth bags and filters for the vacuum cleaner industry for a number of years, he embarked on a line of paper bags which acted as a disposable bag that was placed inside of cloth bags in the horizontal and upright types of tank cleaners. In the middle 50's, the first enclosed type of disposable vacuum cleaner appeared on the market and by this time an entire industry had emerged. In the late 70's and early 80's the A. J. Weinstein Company merged with Home Care Products and the former Modern Dust Bag Company. This firm today is known as Home Care Industries with plants in the United States and Canada.

Mr. Weinstein passed away in 1975 after an active business life of thirty years in this industry. Prior to the founding of the A. J. Weinstein Company, he had spent approximately 25 years in various phases of the needle trades including hosiery, clothing items and commercial textile products.

1994 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee