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Fred Wardell
Founder, Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Co.
D.O.B. - D.O.D. unknown

Fred Wardell, founder, Eureka. In 1909 Stetcher Electric and Machine Company, a small electric company, recognized the potential of the vacuum cleaner. They began manufacturing one, and Fred Wardell was national sales agent. He named the machine Eureka. By the end of 1920, Stetcher’s small electric had grown so quickly they couldn’t keep up with production, and they fazed out the vacuum cleaner. Fred Wardell built his own factory. Eureka was one of the first to introduce in-home sales and installment payments. At their peak, they had over 400 offices and a sales force of over 5,000. By 1927, sales had climbed to over 270,000 units.

1994 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee