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Wesley G. Taylor
West Bend Vacuum Center

Wesley G. TaylorWesley Taylor was born in 1928 in West Bend, WI. In 1957, after growing up in West Bend and serving in the Air Force, he became involved in the vacuum cleaner business. He logged many miles selling Airways from home to home. His success brought many sales awards and many loyal customers that followed him throughout the years.

During the 1960s, Wes introduced his brother, Glen, to the vacuum business. Together, they rented a small store and started a vacuum cleaner sales and service center. In 1976, they purchased a larger store, naming it West Bend Vacuum Center. Also during the 60s, Wes became a father to five children — three daughters and two sons.

Ever successful, they next purchased a small store for Glen to run in Mequon, WI. They turned this store into another vacuum center. With Wes’s guidance, this store eventually was managed by his two nephews. In 1980,Wes helped his nephew establish another store in Brookfield, WI. He and his brother continued to oversee operations at the West Bend store.

The year 1985 was another busy year for Wes, as he helped his son open Hartford Vacuum Center in Hartford, WI.

In 1993, Wes retired. Although he sold his business to his two sons, he still remained active at the store. Years of mentoring enabled each of his nephews and sons to open stores of their own. Wes was instrumental in creating a new generation of successful vacuum businessmen and four vacuum cleaner stores.

Wes has been very active in his hometown community Chamber of Commerce and was a leader and six-year board member of the West Bend Business Association. He has been a member of the VDTA since its beginning.

Along with Wes’s business success, he has enjoyed his childhood activity of playing softball and managing teams. He was a gold medal winner in the 1997 Senior Olympics in Tuscon, AZ.

1998 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee