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Samuel S. Strauss
1910 - 1977

Samual Strauss entered the vacuum cleaner business in 1927. He worked for Mr. E. Kline at United Vacuum in Cleveland, Ohio. They distributed private label Royal cleaners.

In 1929 with much ambition and the $99.00 he had saved, Sam went into the parts distributing business, opening on the 2nd floor over a Chinese laundry. He would take orders during the day and then fill and pack them at night. The entire staff consisted of Mr. & Mrs. Strauss. Many of the parts were reclaimed from used machines.

As the business grew, Sam saw the need for rebuilt cleaners and Buckeye began rebuilding old Hoover, Eureka, Apex, G.E. Westinghouse and any other cleaner that could be shined. As the rebuilding grew, there was a need for parts. The factories would not sell outside their branches: therefore, only the reclaimed parts were available.

There was a need for aftermarket parts and Buckeye began making them. When Sam left United Vac, Herb Draudt also left to make parts — die castings and steel stampings. Buckeye began distributing parts made by Draudt in 1930 and as of 1994 still does, although now many of the dies belong to Buckeye.

The rest is history. The business continued to grow, moving locations as necessary. In 1956, son Kenny Strauss came into the business. By 1959, Sam was working less and spending more time playing; however, he had set up the “Benchmarks” and principles by which Buckeye was to be run. To this date the business principles originated by Sam are still in use.

1995 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee