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Kenard G. Strauss
Buckeye Vacuum Cleaner Supply Co.

Kenard G. StraussKenard G. Strauss has been in the vacuum business all his life. He started out helping his father, Samuel S. Strauss, founder of Buckeye Vacuum Cleaner Supply Co., in the reclamation of parts during World War II. From this beginning, Kenard learned the business from the bottom up, following in the footsteps of his father.

Throughout the years, Kenard’s involvement with Buckeye grew rapidly as he helped meet and fulfill the daily chores of the company. When his father decided to semi-retire in 1956, Kenard began overseeing day-to-day operations. After a while, Buckeye began making replacement parts on a larger scale. By this time, Kenard had taken over as president of Buckeye and was instrumental in the design of the parts manufacturing. This allowed him to be a quasi-engineer in addition to his other responsibilities.

In 1971, Kenard decided to move Buckeye from Cleveland, OH, to Smyrna, GA. The move opened up new markets and lines for distribution, and it helped Buckeye expand its services to better meet its customers’ needs. Today Buckeye is the largest distributor that is still owned and operated by its original family.

Kenard is a leader in the development and distribution of aftermarket parts. He is always looking at ways to change and improve the replacement/aftermarket parts industry, and he has always tried to bring quality parts at a lower cost to dealers. This has helped numerous new businesses get started and a lot of small businesses to stay competitive.

1999 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee