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Earl W. Seitz
Past President, Regina
D.O.B. - D.O.D. unknown

Regina, one of the oldest manufacturing firms in the floor care industry, got its start manufacturing music boxes in 1892. Regina’s first involvement with vacuums came in 1934 when they were asked by Quadrex Company to manufacture a few test units of a lightweight vacuum. Financial and engineering problems at Quadrex ended the test, and in 1944, Regina acquired the rights to the Electrikbroom. Regina dominated the electric broom industry, became a publicly held company, and in the early ‘80’s introduced the first upright vacuum cleaner with “on-board” tools. A mass television marketing program drove Regina’s “on board upright” vacuum sales to record highs. However manufacturing imperfections returned the machines almost as quickly as they sold and eventually forced them into bankruptcy. They were bought out of bankruptcy by Electrolux, and after a short tenure with Electrolux, Regina was re-established as an independent corporation.

1995 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee