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Greg Seck
EnviroCare Technologies

Greg Seck photoGreg began his career in the floor care industry in the late 1970's, after several years in the music business. He started with Studley Paper Company, the largest manufacturer of vacuum bags at that time, as Assistant Sales Manager. He then began building relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers, Mass Retailers and Vacuum Parts Distributors. Greg's marketing and design efforts proved successful in short order, allowing him to advance to VP in 1983 and Executive Vice President later in the decade. In addition to designing and developing new products, he also was responsible for bringing the newly developed micro filtration vacuum bags to the market.

As Studley was preparing to be sold by its parent company, Greg moved on to Home Care Industries in 1995, taking charge of sales and marketing. There, he continued his work with the customers he had developed relationships with during the prior years.

Greg founded EnviroCare Technologies in 2001, and used his extensive background in marketing and product design to establish the EnviroCare® brand of vacuum bags, filters and accessories, sold exclusively to the independent vacuum dealers through their distributors. EnviroCare continues its growth through innovations in product design and through a close interfacing with all its valued customers.

Greg has been involved in the Disposable Vacuum Bag business over five decades and has pioneered many of the evolutions in the industry. It is because of his involvement and commitment to the independent vacuum cleaner dealer that the product line being offered by EnviroCare allows them to be competitive in an ever-changing world. Greg has been and will continue to be at the forefront of new product design, development and innovation.

2012 Vacuum Industry Hall of Fame inductee.