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Albert L. Sebok
Ametek-Lamb Engineer
1926 - 1984

People were important to Albert L. Sebok in his work as an electrical engineer. During his 27 years at Ametek-Lamb Electric Co., his attention turned from just designing electrical motors to making sure they were safe for consumers. He went beyond what he had initially worked on and worked to protect people.

He served on the national and international Standard Committee, comprised of representatives of business and consumer groups who determined appliance safety stands. Sebok developed correction factors used as industry standards. He was a member of the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

He was very interested in electrical motors of the future. He had turned his attention to the next generation of motors that would combine their work with computers.

Sebok was the holder of ten patents for electrical motor designs.

1994 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee