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Mike & June Rough
Beam “Easy Living” Center

Mike and June RoughMike Rough was born in Indianapolis, IN, in 1940; he grew up there and in Illinois. June was born and raised in Ohio.

Mike graduated from the Illinois State University in 1962 with a degree in business. He was vice president and agency director in the insurance field and later became partners in a construction corporation. He moved to California in 1979 with his wife June and several of their nine children. They settled in Grass Valley, CA, to start a central vacuum business. Initially they sold and installed out of their garage with June sending mailings to the permit lists and Mike selling and installing the systems. Later June became the primary salesperson and has personally sold hundreds of central vacuum systems.

Due to the lack of local familiarization with central vacuums, they gave a “90 Day Money Back” guarantee in order to sell. With their commitment to the product the customers gradually gained confidence in them. Beam sent a couple of corporate executives out to see why in Grass Valley, population of 5,000, more Beam Central Vacuums were being sold than anywhere in the United States. They decided it was the “Money Back” guarantee, and Beam implemented it nationally in their literature as an incentive for customers to try their product.

In 1981 along with his former partner Bob Luglan (cousin to Bob Sampson who was for many years president and owner of Beam Industries in Webster City, IA) they opened The Beam Center, a small store in Grass Valley. Beam Central Vacuums were the main products sold. Eventually other low voltage products were added such as alarms, intercoms, and audio/video to name a few.

Due to the needs of an expanding business, Mike and June purchased a 13,000-square-foot building in 1998 and remodeled it to house showroom, offices, and warehousing in a single location.

In 1999 Beam Industries presented Beam “Easy Living” Center with an award as the first dealer to purchase annually $1 million dollars of Beam vacuum products. Every year since that time, their volume has been increasing. And to date, only three businesses in the U.S. have accomplished this milestone.

Mike retired from the business in 2002 to pursue his primary hobby of golfing, but along with June continues to stay involved with the business.

Because of their efforts Mike and June placed themselves on the cutting edge of the still growing central vacuum industry. Their combined dedication to this industry through their relationships and ideas both directly and indirectly in many ways are responsible for the central vacuum industry’s growth over the past 25 years.

2007 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee