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Edward Regan
Bethel Road Sweepers
1931 -

Edward ReganEdward Regan has served the vacuum industry for more than 50 years. After returning from Korea in 1952 and spending another year in VA hospitals, Ed then went to college for a year. An Electrolux salesman stopped by to demonstrate a vacuum and Ed became interested in the company. He was then hired by Electrolux and the following day, Ed hired a salesman. This continued until he left northern New York and moved with the company to Tennessee. Within a few short months, that office, with Ed’s fresh, new ideas and ability to hire and train, won the National Sales Cup.

Transferring as an assistant manager to Dayton, Ohio, he was soon promoted again to branch manager in Columbus, Ohio. Ed was transferred to several offices over the years due to his sales, management and hiring abilities. He retired in 1989 but soon missed the vacuum industry and opened Bethel Road Sweepers in Columbus, Ohio. This store remains open and very successful today.

Ed and his wife Sharon, who has been in the vacuum industry for over 30 years, own and operate the business which specializes in brands such as Simplicity, Royal, Sebo and Miele.

Ed brings his many years of experience and expertise into every transaction. He treats every individual with interest and respect, and he has proven through his work that sincerity, integrity and old-fashioned service still matter. He knows his products inside and out. He provides his very knowledgeable staff with great leadership and all of his colleagues will confirm his passion for the industry. Ed is definitely one of the pioneers in this industry.

2005 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee