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Robert Merckle
Electric Sweeper Service Company
1948 -

Robert MerckleIn 1989, Bob Merckle and his wife, Bunnie, bought Electric Sweeper Service Company (ESSCO) in Valley View, Ohio. Bob already had 16 years experience, working for other wholesalers and as the director of customer service for the Kirby Company. At ESSCO, Bob’s first major addition was a complete computer system. New products and additional lines are continually added to expand the business.

Bob is a go getter and goal setter. Among his many accomplishments is the fact that Bob realized an industry catalog was a must. With his leadership and his entire staff working many hours, his goal was accomplished by the publication of a 655-page premier catalog. With additional pages, it now approaches 1,000 pages. The catalog is considered the “bible” of the industry.

This created a lot of new business and ESSCO outgrew its old location. Bob had a new 26,000 square foot facility built and with computerization and modern warehousing, it is a state-of-the-art operation. Through all this growth, they continue to give lightning-fast service at a 98 percent fill rate. Bob and Bunnie have worked many long hours to create this current, thriving business. The highly acclaimed Weatherhead School of Management in 1998 awarded ESSCO the prestigious honor of being one of the fastest growing companies in northern Ohio.

Bob’s well organized and professionally trained personnel are a reflection of his own values and ethics. Customers and suppliers alike value Bob’s business sense, straightforward style and loyalty to the market.

Bob has been a member of the VDTA for many years, and at present, serves on the Advisory Board of Directors. He holds regular sales and informational meetings for his employees and holds periodic sales meetings for the dealers. Bob has a keen understanding of the floor care market and he has served it well.

Bob’s honesty and outgoing, friendly personality is known throughout the industry. Through his guidance, leadership and enthusiasm, ESSCO has become one of the leading vacuum cleaner and parts distributors in the country. Bob represents one of the great success stories in the vacuum industry.

2005 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee