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Frank L. Martucci
Janome America
1937 - 2002

Frank Martucci experienced a rapidly growing career in the sewing industry when he joined The New Home Sewing Machine Company in 1976. He joined New Home as a district manager in the New England Area. At that time the New Home brand was not so well known and it took a great amount of perseverance and determination to grow sales and build a solid reputation for the product. Frank not only had what it took to get the job done, but showed such a tremendous level of commitment and enthusiasm that he was soon promoted to national sales manager.

The 1980’s brought Frank added responsibilities. Not only was he running the sales force of the company, but the marketing and education departments as well. 1991 was the year Janome/New Home launched the Memory Craft 8000, the industry’s first computerized sewing and embroidery machine. The addition of newer technologies brought Frank the challenge of the growing need for advanced education and dealer training. He played a major part in the successful growth the company experienced. He served as a board member of The Home Sewing Association and was on the Board of Directors for Janome.

Frank was a charismatic people person and intense in all that he did. He had a passion for his work and for the betterment of the sewing industry. He emphasized the importance of marketing and selling sewing machines with honesty and integrity to those around him. He retired from Janome in 1998 and passed away September 25th, 2002.

He was a true leader and a tremendous mentor to many, many dealers as well as the personnel of Janome America, Inc. His teachings and philosophies will live on in the hearts and minds of many for years to come.

2004 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee