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George H. Lovely, Jr.

George H. Lovely Jr.George H. Lovely, Jr. has been in the vacuum cleaner business for over 53 years – a good part of those years with the Air-Way Company.

He started as a door-to-door salesman and became one of their biggest distributors in their growing years.

George also had a separate organization with Interstate Engineering in 1969-1973 as a distributor doing hiring and training selling the Compact Vacuum Cleaners.

In 1965 he started an A to Z Vacuum Cleaning Mart store in Worcester representing many brands of vacuum cleaners (sales and service). He expanded to Fitchburg, MA, in 1973 and in Gardner, MA, in 1982 also selling sewing machines. He still has the three retail stores today.

He started selling Sani-Cleans along with the Air-Way since their inception with Ardel Hanover and continued to sell for Marsha when she took over from Handy.

Also he started a separate Rainbow organization in Worcester where he became an RGD from 1981-1990.

Recently founded a new manufacturing company called Air•Tec where he manufactures and distributes the BK cleaner, which has a patented air velocity enhancer to improve airflow.

George has been a member of the Vacuum Dealers Trade Association for 21 years.

He was diagnosed legally blind in 1965 and has been totally blind for about 10 years. He depends on his tape recorders and seeing eye dog “Idaho” and is still working six days a week.

He is also an active participant in the Lions Club and has served as president three times.

2003 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee