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Joe Loomis
Co-Founder, Genvac Industries
D.OB. - D.O.D. unknown

Joe Loomis was a founding partner in Genvac Industries, one of the largest national vacuum cleaner parts distributors in the United States. Genvac, founded in 1974, pioneered the idea of establishing branch locations across the country. By having branches throughout the country, Genvac has been better able to serve its customers and provide them the largest inventory of parts with more personal service.

A certified public accountant by profession, Joe became interested in the vacuum cleaner industry through a client, Manny Handel, who was one of the originators in the cloth bag, hose, and parts end of the business. In 1959 Joe formed Anchor Hose & Rubber Corp. for the manufacture of braided vacuum cleaner hose, serving original equipment manufacturers such as Airway, Compact, Eureka, Electrolux, General Electric, Kirby, and Royal, as well as distributors in the replacement aftermarket.

In 1974, he sold this operation to Lawrence Hose Company, and then helped organize Genvac Industries. After seeing the company through its founding and growth period, Joe sold his share of Genvac in 1985.

That same year he re-activated Anchor, as the Anchor Tech Products Corporation. This time, his company focused on the manufacture of complete electric replacement hoses and a line of commercial vacuum cleaner hose accessories.

Joe Loomis has been a pioneer in the vacuum cleaner industry. Beginning in 1959, he has been a part of the creation of three successful companies which have provided the industry with a number of innovative products and ideas.

1994 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee