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William D. LeFevre
B & D Vacuum Cleaner Sales
1948 -

Bill LeFevre, owner of B & D Vacuum in Southgate, Michigan, has spent nearly his entire life in the vacuum cleaner industry. He grew up helping his father repair vacuum cleaners, first in their garage and then in the family store. During the 1960’s, Bill worked at B & D Vacuum while in high school. After graduating from Central Michigan University in 1971, Bill returned to the family business and assumed ownership in 1975.

With a lifetime of experience to draw on, Bill has made B & D Vacuum one of the most successful independent vacuum dealerships in the country. His success has been recognized repeatedly by leading industry manufacturers. He has won numerous President’s Awards from the Royal Appliance Company, been named to its Advisory Board and has been in its Master Dealer Club since 1986. Among many other achievements, Bill has received Customer Service Awards and Outstanding Dealer recognition from the Eureka Company.

Bill’s vast industry experience, sales ability and product knowledge were recognized by Eureka when he was asked to participate in planning and program development for their Imperial vacuum line. Bill has also shared his expertise with other independent vacuum dealers by giving seminars at VDTA annual conventions.

Bill takes satisfaction, not from sales or profit margins, but from helping others to develop in the field. His dedication to the vacuum cleaner industry and independent vacuum dealers led him to be one of the original supporters of VDTA’s Bernie Epstein Scholarship.

His success in industry has been matched by his achievements in the community. Since moving to Trenton, Michigan in 1974, Bill and his family have been deeply involved in community activities, charities and civic leadership. He has served on the city council for five years and been the city's mayor pro tem.

1996 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee