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Larry Kroll
Riccar America/Tacony Corporation

Larry KrollLarry Kroll spent 38 years in the sewing machine industry and the last 25 of those years working with both sewing machines and vacuum cleaners. Larry was instrumental in arranging Riccar America’s vacuum cleaner program. In 1984, he felt the independent dealer was having a difficult time making any profit with the vacuum lines that were available at the time. While serving as president of Riccar America Company, Larry obtained a lot of information as to what the dealers wanted in order to be competitive with the box stores and big name companies that did not support the independent dealers. That is when he took his ideas to the Riccar sewing machine factory in Taiwan and established the first upright vacuum factory. The program Larry implemented revolved around working with, and only with, a restricted independent dealer market. This new line was dedicated to the independent retailer and has since attracted some of the finer retailers in the country. The Riccar and Simplicity lines have reached such a volume
that as of January 1998, the company has begun to manufacture vacuums in the United States.

In January 1992, Larry retired as president of Riccar America and vice president of Tacony Corporation.

1999 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee