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Junichi Horie
Brother International Corp.
1962 -

Juniche Horie photoBlending the elements of passion, intention, inspiration and hard work has defined Junichi Horie's philosophy on business and guided him in transforming the sewing machine industry at Brother™ over the course of the past 29 years.

As a humble and ambitious young college graduate in Nagoya, Japan, Junichi found himself interviewing for a job with several large companies, but with the advice from his closest college friends, he decided Brother Industries Ltd. would be the best choice for him. With an interest in sales and marketing, Junichi was hoping to land a position in his field with Brother, but business traditions in Japan differ from other countries, and Junichi found he would not know his position until he arrived for his first day of work. His journey at Brother brought him through a variety of jobs, including working on an assembly line, which he describes as "boot camp for new hires at Brother." With focus and determination, he moved up the corporate ladder and began his career in overseas marketing with the exporting of sewing machines and sergers in the mass sales market.

Junichi is considered one of the crown jewels in the Brother family of executives. He is recognized not only for his stellar achievements both in Japan and in the United States, but for his devotion to travelling around the world to support the Americas. His impressive list of positions he has held with Brother include Sales and Marketing and Product Planning with Brother Industries Ltd., in Japan, and Product Manager and his role in Sales Administration and Product Development with Brother International Corporation in the United States.

As a dedicated family man, Junichi affectionately credits his wife, Mieko, and two daughters, Manami and Nana, for balancing his life with love and respect. Junichi and Mieko display their passion for giving back to the community by opening their home to foreign exchange students and donating to organizations like the United Way and the Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort. Centering their lives on displaying good will toward others is the cornerstone of the Horie family's deep-rooted, old-world traditions – with the modern-day twist of paying-it-forward.

Junichi's quiet but strong demeanor has earned him international respect among several companies that Brother refers to as OEM partners. Never forgetting his roots, Junichi recalls fond memories of working closely with numerous executives of other companies to help them acquire quality products, but he always remembers that the Brother brand is closest to his heart.

As technology continues to change by the minute, Junichi looks to the future with wonder and excitement as he imagines how Brother will dazzle their customers with products beyond their wildest dreams.

2014 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee