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Bert Hockenberry
President, Strongsville Vacuum
1946 —

Bert HockenberryBert Hockenberry is a second generation vacuum shop owner. He grew up in the business, working at his father’s shop in the 1950’s. He and his business, Strongsville Vacuum, play an active role in the community. Bert has been a longtime member of the Strongsville Chamber of Commerce, devoting his time and energy to a variety of community events.

Together with his wife, Nancy, Bert has set a fine example of balancing time between family, community and business activities. While putting two sons through college, with a daughter soon to follow, they have created a profitable independent vacuum dealership. Serving the customer well and providing quality products is the standard at Strongsville Vacuum. Bert is well-respected in the greater Cleveland business community as both a competitive businessman and a devout family man.

Bert has been a VDTA member since 1984 and served as a VDTA advisory committee member to the Eureka Company. In this capacity, he was involved in the planning and development of the Imperial vacuum line. He has achieved the distinguished Eureka Sanitaire Dealer Award for three years and the Royal Master Dealer award for eight years.

Bert has competed in local and national marathon and triathlon events and has a passion for golf, but nothing stands in the way of his giving top quality service and value to his customers.

1995 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee