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Bill R. Hayes
Sweeper World
1942 -

Bill R. HayesBill R. Hayes is the owner of Sweeper World in Indianapolis, IN. In 1973, Bill gave up the auto repair business and went into the vacuum cleaner business as a Kirby repairman. He moved up the ladder very quickly to a salesman in 1973, earning all top awards, and then onto a distributor in 1975, again earning all top awards. Bill left Kirby in 1976 to pursue his own career in the vacuum cleaner business. He opened his first vacuum cleaner shop in Clermont, IN. Bill sold this shop in 1980, moving his family to Brandon, FL, where he opened yet another successful vacuum cleaner shop. In 1982, Bill sold that shop to a Eureka representative, and Marks Vacuum is still in business today. Bill moved back to Indiana where he opened his current vacuum cleaner shop.

Bill has helped train numerous salespersons for Eureka and Kirby. His past 10 years has been exclusively with the Simplicity line for the Tacony Corporation which is located in St. Louis, MO. Bill has helped train numerous dealers for Tacony Corporation and has traveled to many Tacony dealers’ businesses to give them helpful advice on ways to boost their sales.

Bill has helped several of his employees over the years open their own vacuum cleaner businesses in six locations around Indiana. All of those shops are now very successful because of Bill’s assistance and dedication to helping improve the vacuum cleaner industry.

2004 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee