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Ted R. Hayden
President, Hayden Manufacturing
1949 —

Ted R. HaydenNearly all of Ted Hayden’s professional life has been dedicated to the floor care industry. Ted first began selling vacuums in the early 1970’s. He set up his own distribution network and by 1980 was manufacturing top quality central vacuum fittings for the entire industry. Ted and his company, Hayden Manufacturing, have developed and patented many of the industry’s most notable products, such as the super valve and superhose. His devotion of energy and resources to the development of new products and the expansion of the central vacuum industry has benefitted all central vacuum dealers.

Ted has done as much to motivate and educate central vacuum dealers as any person in the industry. He has done this by placing the emphasis of his company and resources on the independent vacuum dealer. He has provided new and innovative marketing tools and top quality products which have allowed independent vacuum dealers to prosper.

Ted actively and proudly supports the efforts of the VDTA. He has presented dozens of seminars on central vacuum systems, consistently attended and supported the conventions, and received many industry plaques and awards.

1995 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee