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Sue Hausmann
S & H Presents
1943 -

Sue Hausmann photoSue's enthusiasm for sharing the lifeskill of sewing and quilting began as a child in 4-H and this creative skill became her passion. As a young woman she enjoyed sewing for her family of four children and worked part time in the late 60's for the Singer Company selling sewing machines. During the 70's she worked for independent retailers and realized no one needed a new sewing machine. To be successful it was her job to make them want one! Thus began her over 40 year profession focused on selling through quilting and sewing education.

During her retail career, Sue sold many brands of sewing machines and developed "eduselling" programs based not only on "education and information" but adding "edutainment and inspiration". She taught innovative, fast sewing and quilting techniques utilizing sewing machine technology, accessories and tools.

In 1984 the Husqvarna Viking Company invited her to come to work for them to teach stores how to establish "eduselling" programs. With one son and her husband at home, Sue was concerned about the travel. Then in 1986 her children moved all over the country and husband, Herb encouraged her to take the job. She began with the Viking White Company in 1986 as a Marketing Specialist, traveling to teach stores how to build traffic, create desire and sell sewing machines through education. In this exciting time in the industry quilting, fast fashion, heirloom sewing, quick projects, technology and "sew" much more meant many wanted to learn and then "needed" a sewing machine for their new hobby!

As the VSM Company grew, Sue grew with it and was asked to lead the education program and develop an outreach program. Many prospective educators would ask about growth opportunities with the company and Sue would encourage them to work toward taking her job and thus she moved up in the company. Ultimately Sue became part of the Senior Management Team as Executive Vice President of Education and Consumer Motivation.

Her dream was to enable retailers with creative materials and training to run exciting class programs in their stores. One to one marketing direct to consumers to drive them to stores began in 1991 with the Public Television Show, America Sews. Over the next 20 years, Sue was the Executive Producer of three series developed for Public Television, America Sews with Sue Hausmann, America Quilts creatively, and Sew Young, Sew Fun. She authored 33 sewing and quilting books.

Sue traveled to Husqvarna Viking in Sweden to bring ideas given to her by consumers for new features and accessories. There she enjoyed opportunities to work with support materials and the testing of new products.

Now "retired", Sue attributes her success to the encouragement and support of mentors throughout her career but most of all to her husband of over 50 years, Herb, and is thrilled he now joins her in their mission, "sharing the joy of sewing and quilting", at events across North America.

2012 Sewing Industry Hall of Fame inductee.