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Alvin E. Green
General Vacuum Store
1915 -

Alvin Green has devoted most of his life and his entire career to the vacuum cleaner industry. Alvin has worked more than 60 years as a service and repair technician for General Vacuum Store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That he has never missed a day of work, nor taken a vacation speaks well for Alvin’s work ethic, character and dedication and is a clear indication of his love for his profession.

He began working for General Vacuum Store in 1935, fresh from repair training school. During WWII, he fought for his country in the Philippines with the Navy and spent a year as a prisoner of war. After the war, Alvin returned to his job in the parts and repair department and has been there ever since.

In repairing vacuum cleaners from seven decades, Alvin has learned nearly every detail of most machines — down to the last screw. Such vast knowledge and experience, alone, make him a treasured asset to the vacuum cleaner industry. Even more, his friendly service and helpful advice has won him thousands of loyal customers and friends. Alvin has been so loved and respected by General Vacuum’s customers that he has repaired vacuum cleaners from three generations of many families.

Alvin has been an inspiration to his employers, co-workers and many other independent vacuum cleaner dealers. His dedication to the vacuum cleaner business can be appreciated by the entire industry.

1996 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee