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Scott Goodman
Sewing Machine Warehouse
1953 -

Scott Goodman photoScott Goodman joined the sewing industry as an apprentice in 1967, and for 49 years he has played an instrumental role the industry's growth, especially on the West Coast. Very early on, Scott designed a point-of-sale program that was utilized by other retail sewing stores. Scott also perfected 'special event marketing,' traveling extensively to major markets throughout the United States, working alongside regional sales managers, teaching and mentoring dealers how to successfully perform off-site sales events.

As a sales leader for Singer Sewing Machine Company, Scott pioneered set-in stores and earned the reputation of an admired, well-respected independent retailer. Now, celebrating 40 years on the same corner in North Hills, California, Scott and Sewing Machine Warehouse embrace change, seeking to deliver the very best brands, products, and support. "We are very proud to have him representing our Baby Lock products in his market," says Steven Jeffery, Sr. Vice President of Tacony Corporation.

As "Great Scott" he contributes a bi-monthly article for Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine, writing with simplicity and finesse about the art of using, maintaining, and choosing embroidery machines. What is more, Scott actively participates in his local municipal government and is on the American Red Cross Disaster Response Team. He leads an award winning ski patrol program and trains medical first responders, holds a board position on the Bertrand BRCA Breast and Ovarian Cancer Foundation, and supports the Be the Difference Foundation (promoting the latter two organizations at every sewing event!).

Above all else, Scott is an innovative thinker, a generous businessman, and a well-deserving candidate for the VDTA•SDTA Hall of Fame.

2016 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee