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Joseph C. Frantz
Co-founder & President,
Frantz Industries, Inc.

1923 - 1993

1945: Joined Apex Electric Manufacturing Co. as Product Sales Manager after being in the United States Marine Corps and worked for The Bayless-Kerr Advertising Co. as an Account Executive. Apex was the vacuum cleaner and appliance company that his father Clarence founded in 1912. He held various positions at Apex as he worked his way up and was General Sales Manager when he and his father formed a merger with White Sewing Machine Company.

1956: Merged Apex with White Sewing Machine Corporation. Stayed on at White for one year as part of the transition team.

1957: Co-founded and was president of Frantz Industries, Inc. with his father and brother Frank to manufacture vacuum cleaners under the Frantz brand name and other private label models.

1975: Discontinued manufacturing vacuum cleaners in favor of plastic injection molding business that was acquired to produce parts for vacuum cleaners and other housewares products.

1975 thru 1988: Was the Secretary, Treasurer and a member of the Executive Committee for the Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturing Association.

1994 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee