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John Forrest
Forrest Discount Vacuum
1932 –

John ForrestFor more than 40 years, John Forrest has been an active leader in the vacuum industry and has managed to excel in various professional sports as well. John was born in Cleveland, OH, in 1932, and as a young man, the Philadelphia Phillies recruited him to play in the minor leagues of their organization.

While employed by Hoover as an outside salesman, he left professional baseball to pursue the challenges of the Pro Bowlers Association. He played in many professional tournaments during the 1950s,and in one, due to his bowling skills, won an automobile. While most young men would be hard pressed to sell a new vehicle, John had aspirations, and in 1958, he sold it to gain the capital he needed to open his first store, Forrest Discount Vacuum.

As a high achiever, John felt the call to expand and in 1966 made another important career decision. He opened a second store, known as the main store, and moved his family into the building. This career move was the beginning of the Forrest Discount Vacuum store chain. John’s next expansion was in 1981 in Stow, OH, and again in 1983, 1985, and 1992.

John has always achieved success as a partner with all of the floor care companies he has dealt with, and he attributes a great share of this success to his partnership with the VDTA.

John has been called a true ambassador of the vacuum industry, and his unique industry understanding, business values, and customer loyalty make him a role model for other dealers.

2000 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee