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Edmond Wayne Emdy
Owner/Operator, M.D. Manufacturing
1947 — 1992

Wayne Emdy, second generation owner/operator of M.D. Manufacturing, grew up with the built-in vacuum industry. As a young teenager, Wayne learned early the metal forming and bending business from his father Charles. As his parent’s mom and pop built-in vacuum business grew, he saw the opportunity that existed by providing a top quality product backed by the integrity that his parents possessed.

In 1971, Charles Emdy, knowing the potential Wayne possessed, turned over M.D. Manufacturing to him. With his hands-on management style and personal involvement with every client, Wayne expanded the company into an international manufacturer of high quality built-in vacuums. Wayne went on to design the first high c.f.m. two-motor systems in the industry, the most extensive standard filtration systems, the first three-motor systems, and ultimately patented a unique sound deadening system to reduce noise levels. A few of his projects are still being worked on and may further revolutionize the vacuum industry.

Wayne was one of a rare breed who could conceptualize an idea, prototype it himself, produce tooling to manufacture it, market and sell it all by himself. He even had the concern to box it up and ship it himself. His untimely death at age 44 left the industry without one of its brightest, most innovative leaders.

One word alone can describe Wayne Emdy — integrity. When Wayne Emdy told you something or consummated a deal with simply a handshake, you knew his word was as good as gold. All who knew him would concur that Wayne was always true to his word regardless of the time or money it might cost him. His unending pursuit to run his business with utmost honesty, integrity and glory to God has made a lasting impression with his fellow manufacturers, his dealers, his suppliers, his friends, and every one of his employees.

A charter supporter of the VDTA, regular instructor at its seminars, and one of the friendliest faces at its conventions, Wayne Emdy was always a humble man of integrity and it showed.

1995 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee