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Charles Emdy
Founder, M.D. Manufacturing
1906 —

Charles Emdy photoCharles Emdy, founder of M.D. Manufacturing, was a visionary. Born on a farm in the middle of Texas and having only an eighth grade education, he left to work for Ford building Model A’s. His love for metal working and tool making grew until finally he built the first M.D. Built-in Vacuum — out of wood! His streamline manufacturing ideas still confound many who consider him a mechanical genius.

In 1961 Charles founded a company dedicated to designing and building top-of-the-line central vacuums. His designs and ideas have been the hallmark of M.D. Manufacturing’s innovative products. He inspired a forward thinking company whose policies and products have adapted to meet the changing needs of the central vacuum industry.

“Charlie” was the tooling genius behind the first two-motor built-in vacuums, the first three-motor systems, the most extensive standard filtration designs, dual intake parts, and many other inventions. Although he never received any awards for his work, he was blessed by seeing his products in action.

Charles’ love for the industry was so great that he helped build parts for M.D. until he was 88 years old. Humble, hard working and forward - thinking, he was the inspirational force behind Wayne Emdy. He trained his son well to trust in God, work hard, never give up and always do what was right.

1995 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee