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Oscar Dick
President, National Vacuum Cleaner Supply Co., Inc.
1909 - 1971

1928-1971 — Company founded in 1922 by Louis Dick Incorporated in N.Y. in 1932; still in operation today as corporate division of AVAC.

Founded: 131 W. 14th Street. Bag Corporation in 1948 — sewing cloth and paper bag replacements and OEM — packaging replacement paper bags under trade name “SupersonicR.”

Founded: General Air Hose Corporation in 1951. Manufacturer of braided vacuum cleaner hose for replacement and OEM markets; designed and operated first double automatic hose winding machine.

* Early operation of National Vacuum included brush rebristling, armature winding (During WW II, National Vacuum hand-wound armatures for Norton bomb sights and bomber doors). Buffing and polishing for rebuilding vacuums and metal rug and floor tools, etc. Very early operation, vacuum parts were used as well as new.

1994 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee