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Ewald Cohrs

Ewald CohrsEwald began his career in the sewing industry at the age of 14 as an apprentice sewing machine mechanic in Germany and worked in all aspects of the sewing industry from the workbench up. Ewald was always ready to accept more responsibility and was soon the youngest store manager for the Pfaff organization. Ewald’s love for the sewing industry showed as he shared his knowledge with his co-workers, his dealers and his colleagues.

In 1983, Ewald moved from Germany to the U.S. and continued on to become the vice-president of sales and marketing for Pfaff Sales and Marketing in Paramus, NJ. During his career with Pfaff in the U.S. he held several managerial positions, including regional sales representative, western sales director, and national sales director. Ewald was involved with new dealer trainings. Since February 2002, Ewald has served as vice-president of Pfaff Product and Business Development for VSM Sewing Inc. in Westlake, OH. He is responsible for the Pfaff products and accessories and is constantly involved in all Pfaff matters such as Pfaff history, parts, backorders, service issues and customer service.

Ewald has served as a member of several sewing advisory groups, including the VDTA Sewing Advisory Committee and has provided support and advice to the independent sewing dealer. He has assisted countless dealers worldwide to develop and carry out sewing projects and events that have helped the less fortunate. His integrity and work ethics motivate dealers to work hard to educate their consumers. Ewald’s leadership ability is an inspiration to many Pfaff dealers.

Ewald has devoted over 45 years of his life to the sewing industry and has not been bored with a day of it! He states, “I love the industry, the consumers, the dealers, my colleagues, and my job. In all the years I cannot think of a day that was boring or not exciting. I’m most satisfied, after I’ve sold sewing machines to consumers or dealers and when I solve a consumer/dealer problem.”

In order for our industry to thrive, we need people who push others to be the best that they can be. Ewald Cohrs is one of these special people.

2003 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee