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Aaron J. Cheerman
Manchester Sewing Machine Center
1945 - 2013

Aaron J. CheermanAaron J. Cheerman was born in Meriden, CT, January 1, 1945. After graduating Orville H. Platt High in 1963, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at the start of the Vietnam War, where he served with the 6th Marine Regiment (A Special Operation Capable Unit). In the summer of 1964, Aaron was assigned to The Marine Barracks at the United States Naval Academy as a weapon instructor for first year Midshipmen. In September of 1964 he participated in training exercises in Spain and Portugal called Steel Spike 1 and other support operations. Aaron was Honorably Discharged early from active duty in the Marine Corps in 1965 due to a physical disability and is considered a Vietnam Era Veteran with full honors.

On November 20, 1965, Aaron married Sylvia Gutterman of Marlborough, CT. They have been happily married for nearly 38 years and have resided in Manchester, CT, for 36 of those years. Sylvia and Aaron have two daughters, Lorie Zackin and Debbie Cheerman.

Aaron has been in the sewing machine business for over 38 years and is highly regarded as an authority in the sewing machine industry. He entered into the sewing machine industry in 1965 and in 1976, established a small sewing machine store, Manchester Sewing Machine Center. Today, Aaron has the largest loyal customer base in New England due to a highly dedicated and professional staff and boasts the largest educational programs in the industry. Aaron’s role at Manchester Sewing Machine Center extends well beyond that of owner. With his business management sills, he has remained active in civic responsibilities and has shared his knowledge with many groups and organizations.

Today Aaron continues to be active with the United States Marine Corps as the editor of the Marine Corp Leagues’ newsletter. He is the public relations officer for the Department of Connecticut, and he is a member of the Honorary Military Order of the Devil Dogs. Aaron is also a member of the Home Sewing Association, SDTA, Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce. Aaron has received numerous outstanding achievement awards from the sewing machine industry and most recently was nominated to receive a Small Business Award and was appointed to President Bush’s Small Business Advisory Council.

2004 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee