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Henry W. Burritt
President, Eureka
D.O.B. - D.O.D. unknown

Henry W. Burritt In 1939, Burritt came from Nash Kelvinator to assume the Eureka presidency. Dreams of making it a full line appliance company were foiled by World War II. Burritt believed it was time to switch merchandising techniques, and the door to door sales organization was disbanded in favor of merchandising through retailers.In 1954, Eureka merged with Williams Oil-O-Matic Heating Corp. and changed their name to Eureka Williams Company. Six years later Eureka Williams merged with National Union Electric, and all heating products were moved to the Armstrong division of National Union Electric, allowing Eureka to concentrate on floor care products.Eureka has consistently been a leader of the floor care industry.

1994 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee