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Clifford A. Brady Jr.
1932 -

Clifford A. Brady Jr.Cliff Brady started selling vacuum cleaners door to door in 1963 as his father had done 40 years earlier. From the beginning, Cliff envisioned a retail store that not only retailed vacuum cleaners but would also specialize in a variety of products for the home. He achieved the first step toward this dream in only two years. In 1965, Brady's opened what many considered the very model for the present-day specialty store.

Always faithful to his dream, early progress was swift. He outgrew his first location in one year; the second only lasted four years as new lines were constantly added and entire departments were created. Brady's was acclaimed as Idaho's most complete home specialty store as no other description would fit.

Far more than a vac shop, Brady's also offered a complete line of water treatment equipment, sewing machines, janitorial supplies and alternative home heating systems. Brady's was on the cutting edge of the craft trend, leasing out space for a knitting and yarn shop and creating one of the first Sew Your Own Centers where customers could sew their own sleeping bags, coats, tents, and other camping gear.

All departments were supported by expert service and training which was usually provided for by a Brady. It was truly “The Home of The Brady Bunch.”

His children: Steve, Terry, John, Brad, Cliff III, and James grew up working in the family business. Even his father Cliff Brady Sr. returned to selling vacuum cleaners four decades later to assist in his son's dream.

With two locations and over 50,000 square feet housing one of the largest displays of vacuum cleaners in the country. Specializing in everything from Sewing Machines, Hot Tubs, Sun Rooms, Pool Tables, Water Treatment, and Exercise Equipment to complex Critical Filter Bio Hazard Containment vacuum cleaners. Brady's truly is the fulfillment of one man’s dream.

Cliff Brady understood the nature of giving back to the community where he succeeded. He served as the president of the Chamber of Commerce, the Idaho Water Quality Association and the Symphony board. He also worked on so many community service boards and has received so many awards, it would be too ambitious to name them all.

Cliff Brady Jr. is truly a credit to his family, his community and the floor care industry that honors him as a member of the Hall Of Fame.

2006 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee