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Thomas Boozer
1929 - 1997

Thomas Boozer was the stabilizer for many independent sewing machine dealers. He was born in Alabama on Nov. 28, 1929, and was a Korean War Veteran. From 1955 to 1958, Tom managed the sewing machine and vacuum cleaner department at Sears in Gadsden, AL. He worked at Tommy Thompson’s Sewing Machine Store in Gadsden, selling Pfaff machines in 1958 and 1959. For two years, 1959 to 1960, he worked in Savannah, GA, selling Pfaff machines at Levy’s Department Store. From 1960 until 1968, Tom sold TWI machines at A.C. Weber in Atlanta, GA, and for the following four years, he worked with Kelly Goff at Morse Electrophonic in Atlanta, heading up the sewing machine division for the Southeast. In 1972, Tom joined Nelco in Atlanta and began distributing to the Southeast. Five years later, in 1978, Tom struck a deal with Riccar and once again began working in the eastern United States.

All of the companies Tom worked for thrived under his leadership. From his early years with Pfaff and TWI, he was always willing to help with promotions and offered assistance when dealers needed it. He considered his dealers to be friends and family, and there was nothing he wouldn’t do to help them. Tom offered truckload sales before there were truckload sales, and he helped diversify products by offering everything from ceiling fans and microwave ovens to vacuum cleaners.

Tom was a seven-day-a-week and a 24-hour distributor. There are many dealers in business today because of him. His dealers will always remember him.

1998 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee