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Anna Bissell
President, Chairman of the Board, Bissell Inc.
1846 - 1934

Melville Bissell, founder of BISSELL Inc. in 1876, improved a carpet sweeper which was being sold under the label “Welcome.” BISSELL's patented sweeper featured a central bearing brush.

Significant to the company's success was Mr. Bissell's belief in the need to advertise and promote the company and its products. Over time, BISSELL's distribution included a branch office in New York City, and factories in London, Paris, and Toronto. In all, sales agencies were eventually formed in 22 foreign markets.

Melville Bissell's visionary efforts paved the way for others in the industry and established a standard which any manufacturer could be proud of today.

Twelve years after BISSELL, Inc. was launched, Melville Bissell died. His wife, Anna, became president and later Chairman of the Board until her death in 1934.

1994 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee