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Jack Beitscher
Beitscher Vacuum
1888 - 1965

Jack Beitscher photoJack Beitscher worked for Electrolux Company selling door to door starting about 1931. At that time trade-ins were destroyed after being turned over to the selling corporation. As the Depression deepened, a lower cost alternative to a new Electrolux was obvious to Beitscher. His unique solution was to take his own Electrolux trade-ins at first, later also buying other salesmen’s trade-ins at higher than company allowances and reconditioning those machines first by simply hand cleaning. Soon many salesmen were noticing that and Beitscher started to develop sources of new replacement items such as filters, cloth bags, switch cords, and even hoses for Electrolux. He originated the idea of buffing the aluminum tools and rechroming steel to make the machines appear near new. He developed a new cover for the bodies. He sold these parts to others as well as using them himself. Thus came about the resale at less than new prices of used machines that cleaned and looked like new.

His contemporaries were Sol Howard, Oscar Dick, LaCossix Brothers, Mr. & Mrs. Flicker, etc.

His forte was in finding manufacturers of these parts. Thus developed the network of distributors such as National, Buckeye, Saper, etc., who had a source of parts for rebuilding purposes. At that time, the O.E.M. would not sell parts to anyone other than the consumer.

1994 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee