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David O. Barhite
1942 —

David O. Barhite was born July 18, 1942, in Denver, Colorado. He entered the vacuum field in 1972 in direct sales, moving into store management, and later becoming a state factory representative for several large direct sales vacuum organizations. He was drawn into the Oreck organization by its Colorado area representative, Dave Burnett, and became an Oreck distributor for Colorado and Wyoming with John Price, forming Broomfield Vacuum Distributing in 1986.

Dave, with his family, opened his own Oreck store in Aurora, Colorado, in the beginning of 1989. He and partner Dave Burnett formed Davco Distributing and opened two more Oreck stores in Arvada and Ft. Collins, Colorado. Davco Distributing distributes throughout Colorado and Wyoming to a network of 26 dealers. Since opening his Aurora store and forming Davco, Dave has earned several awards from the Oreck Corporation, including #1 Dealer Of The Year 1989-1990, #1 Dealer Of The Year 1993, Dealer Platinum Award 1994, Distributor Of The Year--1990 for Broomfield Vacuum Distributing, Distributor Of The Year—1993 for Davco Distributing, and Dealer Special Recognition Award for Davco in 1993.

Dave brings unique understanding to floor cleaning, having sold carpeting for several years and vacuums of all brands for over 20 years. He has been an innovative entrepreneur, always striving to bring good value, good product and good service to the customers. Throughout his career he has provided the highest degree of quality in customer relations and service.


1995 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee